This year’s car show is to honor Matt’s heroism, bravery and sacrifice in service to our community. Matt chose the date of September 15, because it is one year and one week from the day he was shot. It is also a day after the Covington Fuzz run and will be a complete weekend of celebration for the community and the Coopers.
Car Show Flyer

September 15, 2019 | Car Show Registration 9am-1pm $25

Car Show, Music, Public Safety Display, Family Fun.
Awards top 50 and 10 best of classes. Free to attend.

Show is located at 1124 Clark St in Covington on the downtown Square.  Please enter square on Pace St.

Become a Sponsor

 All proceeds from the Car Show will go to Matt and his family.
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About Officer Matt Cooper

Breaking news of the shooting

Community Prayer

Rehab update

Road to Recovery

Matt is grateful for your thoughts and prayers, which continue to help him fight towards recovery.


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